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Dear Agent,


At the beginning of every exhibition, thereis always a fancy introduction from the curator. If you found this transcript,I applaud you. If you continue to read on, then I’m definitely impressed…because I personally usually skip these long descriptions.


I supposeit wouldbe moreexpected ofme towrite somethingvery abstractand heady…something like: Weare justindividual notesin asymphony; fragmentsof datain avirtual stream;specks ofdust inthe vastuniverse… yettogether, wemake upwhat thatuniverse lookslike, andwhat itwill become.


Or perhapsa bitmore marketable,like:

Through both individual choice-making aswell as group participation, thecollective effortof ourguests manifestsa newenergy withinthis ever-evolvingspace. Utilizingcomputer vision,machine learning,advanced networking,multi-channel audioalong withthe latestnew mediatechniques, weequip ourguests withthe powerto changethe dynamicsof thespace inreal time.


How about something more epic:

We are at the tipping point of a digitalage. Has technology overtaken us as human beings?Have we lost our sense ofselves through covert data mining? In this exhibit we explore these questions,leveraging state-of-the-art technology as a means to tell the story of analternate universe - a virtual future inhabited by giants who were formedthrough the evolution of human digital streams of consciousness - and how we(in DigiWave 2022) now have a final chance to determine whether that future isDystopian or Utopian.


Actually, all these descriptions arevalid... But by now, you already know that this is not a normal exhibition. Soof course, I'm going to break from the mold of expectation.

In fact, at the end of the day, all Ireally want to say is quite simple: You Matter. WE Matter.


And by participating in this experience, Ihope you will not only know, but feel - that through the process of living ourauthentic selves, then connecting with each other, and finally making aconscious decision to engage with our surroundings (even if we don’t know whatthe outcome will be) - only then, can we create the momentum that is necessaryto change the future.


Good luck on your mission. And don't forgetto have fun.




You Matter. We Matter.

DigiWave is an annual exhibition that celebrates the blend of technology, creativity,
and their impact on society.

This year, DigiWave will be transporting you into an immersive story, sending you on a mission to save the future, offering a guest experience unlike any other technical-arts event.  

Our multidisciplinary team has leveraged advanced technology, new media techniques, blending physical and digital design as a means to tell the story of an alternate universe - a virtual future inhabited by giants who were formed through the evolution of human digital streams of consciousness - and how we now have a final chance to determine the fate of that future.

From the moment you receive the invitation, the mission will be revealed.
Even the characters of DigiWave are developed through AI and Machine Learning.  

They will guide you from beginning to end, inviting you to connect with other participants have joined our mission.

So... are you in, or out?




By uncovering the stories of this room, you also unlock the mysterious portal that bridges past stories to today's world... and into the virtual future.



Only special humans are allowed to traverse this sacred space, initiating the connection to the most vulnerable place with King Koop and the Virtual Giants - the central nervous system.



Neurons rapidly fire as you connect your individual ID's to upload into King Koop's Brain... and to each other.

Merging all the different personalities in the room, a new group identity is formed, awakening the future's consciousness...



There’s more to this room than meets the eye, and certainly as it connects to the Giant's Eye.  Can you shine light into the future?



Here you can "feel" the messages from the people around you, as well as the virtual future. Connect to the tactile tissue and maybe you will catch a glimpse of yourself, those around you, and even the King of the Giants!



Music really awakens the soul... more than we know.  You have total permission to be your true self here - dance, play, let loose... and make music together! The more you play, the more alive the Heart becomes.  This is your final chance to awaken the King Koop!


DJ DinDin


19:00 – 20:00

Dolce Wang


20:00 – 21:00

Named after a musical term, Dolce spent her youth as a classical cellist studying Haydn, Brahms, and Elgar while secretly teaching herself guitar and drums to join various rock and hip-hop bands on the side.  Naturally curious, Dolce also studied Mechanical Engineering and Film at USC.

Dolce performs regularly as a solo cellist with her custom electric cello rig, as well as with Los Angeles-based rock band, Bonsai Boulevard.  Her versatility has allowed her to play various genres of music in venues such as Carnegie Hall, Walt Disney Concert Hall, House of Blues Hollywood, Warner Brothers Studios, and the JZ Music Festival in Shanghai.  

Outside of music, Dolce also has a professional career working in entertainment.  If you would like to know more about that side of Dolce, check out 

MR Theater

Moondream Reality

Moondream Reality MR Theater combines mixed reality and immerse projection, pushing the boundaries of art through technology, and creates a new form of art space. It allows participants to be fully immersed into the art and become part of it. Founded by Moonshine Animation, the year of 2021 is when Moonshine Reality takes off. Something you’ve never sensed before, and scenes you imagined could only be in your dreams. Here, they become reality.





None will be admitted 30 minutes before close.
Reservation only
Mon. - Thu.
Fri. - Sun. & Holiday

Orange Line, Xiziwan Station(O1), Exit 2 → Walk 5 minutes →KW4-2 (Beside the Kaohsiung Port History Museum)

Penglai Pier-2 (C13) )→ Walk 5 minutes →KW4-2 (Beside theKaohsiung Port History Museum)

Parking Lot | 
Penglai Parking Lot, ZhanKuting east Parking Lot

Kaohsiung train station,Sandou shopping district station, Yanchengpu Station
GR South 1 to KW2 → Walk 1 minutes →KW4-2

Kaohsiung train station, Cultural center station
248 shuttle to Hamasen Feeder Station (Light Rail Hamasen Station) → Walk 6 minutes → KW4-2

Taiwan Railway Xinzuoying Station、 Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts
R52 to Hamasen Feeder Station (Light Rail Hamasen Station) → Walk 7 minutes → KW4-2